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Re: Tutorial: dosbox with Glide under Linux

Thanks, Glide support works now. I'm able to run Tomb Raider with the Voodoo Rush patch. Unfortunately the game I really wanted to run, Carmageddon, doesn't work. I just get a black screen and no sound (like DOSBox is stuck) when I start it. Works fine in non-3dfx mode. Oh well, I guess I'll have to …

Re: Tutorial: dosbox with Glide under Linux

Alright. DOSBox compiles now, but when I run it with glide enabled I get this: Glide:LFB access: read-write Glide:Unable to load glide2x library, glide emulation disabled According to hardware/glide.cpp, this means it was unable to load libglide2x.so: #if defined(WIN32) hdll = LoadLibrary("glide2x. …

Re: Tutorial: dosbox with Glide under Linux

gulikoza: The latest DOSBox (2009-11-24 svn) doesn't compile with your patch: $ patch -p1 < /tmp/foo/dosbox_glide.diff patching file include/glidedef.h patching file include/glide.h patching file include/mem.h patching file src/dosbox.cpp patching file src/gui/sdlmain.cpp Hunk #2 succeeded at 350 ( …

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