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Re: Famous computer slogans and quotes ?

in Milliways
Not really a computer quote, but about technology in general. I post it here, because it's timeless. Hope that's okay. German writer Thomas Mann, who was on a trip (by ship) to America, was annoyed by the constantly repeating news (over radio) about an intoxicated zoo tiger. In a letter to a friend …

Re: Windows for Workgroups animated advertisement

Indeed, .MMM files were included in various Microsoft's products from that era, I've found some on "Microsoft Works - Gateway 2000 Edition" CD-ROM from 1991. Thanks for the information! I really like Works. My father and me still use it to write letters some and now. Before MS decided to let it die …

Re: Amstrad Mega PC

Hi, sorry for intrusion. But from what I remember, a pure AdLib clone (OPL2) listenes to port 388h/389h only. Unlike SB1/SB2 clones, which also have OPL2 accessible via their ports in addition . So this makes me wonder if the OPL3 simply can't be told/tricked to ignore these legacy addresses and use …

Re: Fastest emulators period

there is even a c64 emulator for a XT/Hercules :) Yup, and it really works. Even diskette drive emulation works. 🙂 Some more pictures can be seen in OldCat's thread over here: https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=685265#p685265 Edit: Here are the instructions mentioned in my post in OldCat's …

Re: Matrix in Dos 3.30

Hi! Why not just upgrade to DOS 3.30? Is the installed version of 3.2 a special OEM version, by any chance? I got bad news for you. ? It's from Microsoft. Oh. Well, it somehow had to be, I guess. 🙁 Though PC-DOS 3.x started the independant development of IBM-DOS, maybe. If memory serves, the …

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
The often desaturated C64 palette I see in shots and emulation isn't how I saw it on the monitor (in the US). It was bright, colorful, and bled with an audible buzz. The Windows 3.0 VGA palette's kind of similarly desaturated... The web says something about YUV conversions in some PAL models. Edit: …

Re: Roland MT-32

in MT-32 General
I have an old MT-32, and recently plugged in everything. IMMEDIATE LOUD STATIC NOISE unaffected by the volume knob. I tried other sources and normal audio from the speakers. I tried other adapters to rule out the 1/4-1/8 converter, but the noise persists. I started to recap the board, but it is …

Re: Which browser do you use?

in Milliways
Dillo. Just kidding! I use Firefox on Android and Chromium on Raspbian. When I still had a main "PC" (x86), I used Mozilla Firefox. Even after my whole family switched to Chrome (I warned them about its Google heritage, but no vail, they didn't care).

Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
Cyberdyne wrote on 2020-09-21, 05:02: Well Commodore 64 had also only 16 colors to choose from, but it had better and more natural colors. Thath IBM/ZX Spectrum RGBI Pallette is not natural for games. Yes, C64 colours looked softer, more pastel also, I think.

Re: Matrix in Dos 3.30

Hm. Maybe the :start must be at the very beginning of the line, not sure. From what I can see, a space character is present. Maybe DOS 3.x can't handle this. Edit: Also try a capital letter (:Start or :Begin).. Otherwise, this shoukd work. : https://www.robvanderwoude.com/goto.php I'm sorry, I …

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