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Re: Winevdm

in PC Emulation
OTVDM being acknowledged on an article on Microsoft.com gave me the chance to mention it on Wikipedia in the Windows 3.1 article. Although some idiot there on Wikipedia is causing problems saying it is not relevant. 🙄🙄🙄 I'm with you. Long long ago in a galaxy.. WAIT! Wrong story! :blush: Well, long …

Re: (SOLVED - defective FPU) How hot should an 8087 FPU be at idle? I'm getting 55-60 deg C... And other 8087 questions

https://dougx.net/gaming/coproc.html The old ceramic NPUs draw ~2,5 ampere and get quite hot, I think. Not sure if this a bad thing per se, though. I'd be worse if the heat produced by these NMOS designs would stay in the casing. In this context, It's perhaps good that no plastic package was used. …

Re: muti boot idea for windows 3.x

Windows 3.1 needs a bit of memory below 1MB. This memory should be contiguous, also. Another utility, Fix1MB also tries to help here. For the inner workings, please have a look at the help file of that WMI program in this link: Re: Viewing the Upper Memory area

Re: Do you want an EGA monitor?

in Marvin \ Video
I don't believe I recall ever seeing an actual EGA monitor in action, at least not in person . Does EGA really look different on an actual EGA monitor versus on backwards compatible VGA card ? Are there any compatibility issues ? I'm also curious. I've always considered EGA to be a sub-mode of VGA …

Re: XTulator (yet another PC emulator)

in PC Emulation
Neville wrote on 2021-02-19, 14:09: Glad to have another PC emulator on the scene. Exactly my thoughts! I like the idea that XTulator comes close to the real world scenario of back then, when XT users made most of their XTs. Enlarged memory, 80186 instructions set.. Just named a few. 😀

Re: Who can help me out with a GWBasic project?

in DOSBox General
Tokenized or ASCII doesn't appear to matter. Hm,okay. Sorry to hear. :( Well, I heard that OEM versions of DOS (around prior MS-DOS 4/5) included custom utilities and modified MS-DOS programs. Perhaps one of these is more optimized or compiled with 80186 instructions? I don't know. I used GW-BASIC/ …

Re: Running os 7.x on pentium 1 hardware

Hi! 🙂 Well, there's also an old copy of vMac that runs on Windows NT 3.51/4 and Win 95.. But it runs System 5.x, at best. 🙁 https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?p=898314#p898314 System 7.0/7.1 was interesting, IMHO, because it was the arch rival of Windows 3.1x, so to say. Things like TrueType, …

Re: DOSBox Qbasic program

in PC Emulation
I would try running the full version, Quick Basic. Especially in versions 4.0 and 4.5x. QB is much more feature complete than QBasic. Alternatively, try PDS Basic 7.x. Or Visual Basic for DOS (VBDOS). Visual Basic for DOS is an extended version of QB45. It can use a Visual Basic 1.0 like syntax, the …

Re: Which operating systems work on i586?

I'm considering wasting a cd on react os. but after watching the linus video on it I'm having second thoughts lol thoughts? Aaaaaactually... I once indeed ran ReactOS on a Pentium with ~120MHz and 64MB RAM. The old releases of ReactOS truly ran on that. But where buggy as !?/!! 🤣 Edit : Don't get …

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