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Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
Discovered a few more 640x480 VGA games at dosgames.com. Dragons Bane: Mah Jongg II Incunabula: The Unspoken Secrets Ultris: The Ultimate Tetris Continuing Adventures of Cyberbox Gripple The Incredible Machine 2 Rocks-n-Diamonds (800x600 ?) Battle Bugs (800x600 ?) Cube Battleship Nephew's Puzzle …

Re: Getting CF card Formatted

in DOS
If you have a network card you can install mtcp on it and run a FTP server to transfer files. I did get the driver to install once, and that all seemed fine. Until I formatted the CF card to clean up the install, now we're back to the software not seeing the card again. Sorry to hear. I've got a …

Re: How to install WDM driver on W98

in Windows
But WDM support was only introduced in Win98 SE, so if you are running Win98 first edition, that option will not be available. I'm speaking under correction, but I believe in parts it also was in 98FE already, although in its infancy and not really usable. Akin to USB support in Windows 95, which …

Re: EARLIEST CD-ROM Drives that could Read CD-R's ???

in Milliways
Reading ability depends more from the CD-R disc itself than from the drive. Some old CD-Rom's read only Memorex and Fujifilm CD-R disks, but refuse Verbatim, TDK and other brands. Exactly, I don’t remember any surefire way to predict what cdr is readable and when. One company insisted on providing …

Re: Say "Hi!" to the Renovation SSI-2001!

in Marvin \ Sound
With an emulated SID (it *is* emulation, no idea why you say it isn't), you don't need the card at all. Software SID emulation on a fast PC is also way better than these ARM-based replacements, because these are made for usage in a C64 and are hence limited in size and power consumption. Well, your …

Re: EARLIEST CD-ROM Drives that could Read CD-R's ???

in Milliways
Speaking of "books" there's something to consider. Modern CD-ROM drives may or may not support legacy standards like Green Book (or White Book) forever. It's no big deal for our DOS/Windows machines likely, but modern drive may not make up for a good replacement for a Philips CDi console. ;) …

Re: 4.77Mhz dream.

Basically I managed to make the original dos defender game from 1983 to be playable on a pentium 3 like mine. Defender usually requires a 4.77Mhz PC and is way too fast even on a 286. I didn't even have to use any TSR to get to this speed. Perhaps later I can find some other old games like this to …

Re: Why do you old computers endure today ?

in Milliways
Why do you think 8-bit and ISA, and VLB cards are still working today ( Some 30 years later ). Where PCI, AGP, and PCIe cards fail. I'm betting the capacitor plague is responsible for at least some of those failures. Interesting. Reminds me of the transistor disease of old Germanium transistors (as …

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