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Re: USB CD/DVD drive

in Milliways
Buy a IDE CD/DVD drive(as i"ve done). ;) You will see that this is the best option. I saw this when I tried my friends DVD USB Drive and my USB stack that I've bought. The stack was much more useful, because I use it with a HD and a DVD. ;) Here is my suggestion . Here on Brazil at MercadoLivre( …

Clipper Editor For Windows 3.11

Hello, Today I was searching for my old Clipper 5.2e Installation Disks. I found them and installed on my DOSBox running Windows 3.11, but I haven't found my FiveWin Disks, then I've ordered by eBay, but I only use it for GUIs, when I want to develop some DOS application I like to compile with pure …


IIGS_User wrote: olddosuser wrote: I still have to trial and error some games. DOS games are always trial and error. 🤑 No, those are old NES game and those strange errors at the orginal cartriges. 😉

Your Best Screenshot

in Milliways
I've done this thread for people to share their best screenshots of Games, Windows, Mods... 😀 Please only put thumbnails with direct links to the image files, I have those big images on these types of thread. Let's start:

Long File Names For Windows 3.11

This guide will help you on how to get long file names working on Windows 3.11. Instructions Everyone already got mad when you see things like this: :disapproving: C:\DOCUME~1\ASMDEV> Instead of this: C:\DOCUMENTS\ASMDEV> But now you can have long file names working on Windows 3.11 :sly: you just …

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