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Re: Rendition Verite Thread

I dont know maybe it needed to some one https://www.infania.net/misc/moboarchive/Qdi%20-%20Legend/manuals/filelist.txt https://www.infania.net/misc/moboarchive/Qdi%20-%20Legend/manuals/vision1.zip https://www.infania.net/misc/moboarchive/Qdi%20-%20Legend/manuals/rv2000.zip QDI Product Information -- …

Re: Is this the possibility of a Power VR SGL Wrapper?

Found it on my computer http://raven-05.narod.ru/PowerVR2/SGL2_Test-A1.zip also some unusual sgl.dll that is from worldcup98 http://raven-05.narod.ru/PowerVR2/worldcup98/sgl.dll and from fifth element look previous posts here i fear its all what i know here, never seen PowerVR wrapper/emulator my …

Re: Is this the possibility of a Power VR SGL Wrapper?

Well great idea, unfortunatelly i dont have those files too =(( i maybe have one file , is for compatibility layer a wrapper from SGL to SGL2 , so PowerVR 250(Neon 250) video card can handle SGL games better, also i know that SGL2 used in Sega Dreamcast and on some MAME source codes, because there …

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