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Re: Making a midi device tower

Meowdori makes a good case for the higher end Yamahas on the first page. But if the MIDI tower is basically for gaming, the MU50 is an excellent addition just to experience GM outside of the Roland realm, and happens to look pretty sweet paired with the SC-55. And it's higher end than my TG100 :D I …

Re: Making a midi device tower

Omg I'm so jealous of that tower! Though admittedly MU50 is too low for me, I'd personally go for at least MU128 since i already basically have the same base covered by S-YXG50. It decidedly does look very neat though. Thank you. I had already the Roland MT32, the Roland Sound Canvas SC55 and the …

Best General MIDI synth for DOS games?

https://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=26700 -> This is one of the most interesting topics. I have the following devices: Roland MT32 old Roland CM64 Roland Sound Canvas SC55 Mark I Roland Sound Canvas SC88 Yamaha MU50 I don't have much free time but i try to run and listen some games with my …

Re: Making a midi device tower

darry wrote on 2020-07-29, 15:00: Dimitris1980 wrote on 2020-07-29, 13:33: Thank you. 180 euros final price from a music store. They had it in their warehouse. Nice . Makes you wonder how many other treasures are sleeping in possibly un-inventoried warehouses around the world . That's correct. …

Re: Making a midi device tower

Thank you :). Until now i haven't done any recordings. The truth is that I haven't looked what equipment needs and i don't know what to do because my free time is so little. Maybe a program like audacity? I have recorded only amateur videos with my mobile. Below is a link on my youtube channel …

Re: Making a midi device tower

Let's get to the point. Are there differences in quality and sound depending on capabilities of each Yamaha device? I am talking only for gaming. I do not also have a problem if the device is simple with only power button and volume knob (without lcd screen and other buttons).

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