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Mixer command gone Q_Q

SOUND I would like to adjust the DosBox sound volume without changing my host sound volume. Use the MIXER command to adjust volume in DosBox. Seems that this command is gone. Why? Commander Keen is such quiet although all Volume is 100% in Windows Vista SP2 32 Bit. Any Idea to get this louder?

Re: Portable x86 Device (size of PSP) to play MS-DOS games natively

in DOS
Some years ago, I noticed something werid. I managed it to run a SB Live 5.1! under DOS. Commander Keen worked... But... The sound was really strange and crappy. I think the OPL commands were reinterpreded as GM or something. It sounded very strange, not as the good old FM sound from the Yamaha …

Re: Audio Capture on OSX

As I remember, there is no message as it would interrupt the gameplay or working... You just will see that a new file in your directory is created where dosebox actually write on it. Now the keymapper is accessible. Klick on the button wich says "Rec Wave". http://img704.imageshack.us/img704/7866/ …

Re: OPL Emulation 0.73

I tested it. Upsamling is no problem, downsampling sounds not so great. You should take a look at libsamplerate for this. In the config it would be great if the user could switch between libsamplerate default resampler and the sinc resampler wich is built in libsamplerate, too.

Re: OPL Emulation 0.73

That's really amazing. IT sounds like it sounded in my old 386 with SB16. How does it come to this odd rate? Is this the rate, the Yamaha OPL chip used internally? In 0.36 and downwarts, the sound sounded like noise only. FM was not supported, wasn't it?

OPL Emulation 0.73

Hello out there! The OPL Emulation is now amazing fast on my Intel Core 2 Duo 2x2GHz Laptop. But with Keen 6, the fabric tower level musik sounds still kinda werid. The FM-Synthesis sounts very sharp, I don't remember this in the past. I had to set the sampling frequenzy of the sound output and opl …

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