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Re: Best CGA & Hercules games

By doing proper programming, the HGC was able to run in 640x400 pels also. Same as the hi-res CGA did in the Olivetti M24 and similar computers. That screenshot is 640x400 - so it must be using the undocumented 640x400 interlaced mode. Fascinating, I didn't know there was some software actually …

Re: DOSBOX eating up CPU

KVM/VTx would not be awesome for DOSBox. Can you or someone else please elaborate on that? How could emulating a CPU in software ever be faster or more efficient than running the code natively, having to emulate only the I/O stuff (graphics, sound) instead? Yes, I am aware that eventually in a post …

Re: dosbox-staging (DOSBox Git repo)

Wildly inaccurate. The only time GUS is picked for PCM playback is for demos that use it exclusively. Otherwise nobody would choose it over Sound Blaster when the latter has much better support and far more stable emulation. There is of course the special case of games that have MOD tracker music …

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