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Re: Fasttracker 2.10b for MS-DOS

Because it's not trivial to implement. We're talking low-level hardware interraction through x86 assembler here. I'm not the correct dude for implementing new big things like that. Perhaps this could help: I've dusted off the source code of a simple WAV player for AC'97 sound devices as found in …

Re: My new Olivetti M24

So, those Bus correction kits are needed for older revision boards, right? The newer ones like mine has those jumpers and that PROM 'Pqb1' already on board that does the job, if i understood correctly. No, these are different issues. What you are referring to is the ability to disable the onboard …

Re: My new Olivetti M24

I might be able to help you with a crucial piece of the puzzle here! 🙂 Years ago, I asked people on the the Vintage Computer Forum whether they could help me obtain the so-called "Bus Correction Kit", an obscure aftermarket product for the Olivetti M24, which someone back in the day developed to fix …

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