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Wing Commander: Privateer in FreeDOS

in DOS
Hi Guys, I'm experimenting with some games on FreeDOS as part of a project. I was wondering if anyone has gotten Wing Commander: Privateer to run in FreeDOS and if they could share their EMS/XMS settings with me? Privateer uses a very weird JEMM layer to provide expanded memory. Dosbox has correctly …

Re: dgVoodoo 2 for DirectX 11

Hi, is there sourcecode available for your custom DirectX addons to add glide support? I'd like to get this code ported into Wine. Right now wine is terrible at running DirectX 6/7/Glide games on Linux. I'd like to get that fixed. Please reply if you're interested.

9xbox fork of DosBox specifically for Windows.

I've setup a website at http://sf.net/projects/win9xbox as a place to put all the patches for windows/glide support into a working and stable DosBox tree. The idea is to create a version of Dosbox which easily handles installing windows 3.11, 95, 98 and possibly ME, so that people don't have to try …

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