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Re: Building with Visual Studio 2015

Out of curiosity, I tried using this line and it compiled successfully: static char string_productrev[]="DOSBox ""SVN"; For some reason, the preprocessor doesn't want to convert VERSION into "SVN" unless there's a space; I'm guessing it assumes it's a suffix and leaves it alone, which causes the …

Building with Visual Studio 2015

I've just built DOSBox with Visual Studio 2015, and it appears to be working okay so far. However, there were a couple of things I had to do in order to get it to compile that weren't required in previous versions. First, the new compiler doesn't like the following code at int10_vesa.cpp, line 48: …

Some EGA video modes are incorrect

When running DOSBox with EGA emulation, many of the BIOS video modes have incorrect horizontal and/or vertical totals. Modes 6 and E have what appears to be double the horizontal total of modes 4, 5 and D (120 compared to 60), but the stored values are 3 clocks higher than the actual horizontal …

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