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Re: DOSBox Feature Request Thread

Do NOTuse FreeDOS Edit. There is a program named Star Commander. It is OSS (but under a weird license). Maybe not include in Z: but provide in "util" folder, with installer's DOSbox.conf mounting "util" as Y:. Or, add Elvis with a tutorial. Generally, it could be an "extras" package - drive images, …

Re: Running DOSBox on Windows 8

There's a problem, slowness in entering fullscreen mode if Fullresolution=Desktop. Also, problem changing between screen sizes in fullscreen. (in case of "original" fullresolution, the slowness only applies to transitioning between modes that have width 640)

Re: CGA 4 color mode - why CMYK?

Software gets slower more rapidly than hardware gets faster... due to bloat! That's why I'm diggin' it backwards! I see the modern slowpokes and wonder: WHY all the bloat? As of CGA, it was an AWKWARD device, but I can clearly see two different "brightness modes" where the mode is defined by …

Re: OpenGEM

I found that, though I had to purge the .ACC elements, OpenGEM is more reliable with GEM/3's fixed 2-pane desktop (all 4 "desktop" files taken from GEM 3.10d), than with GEM1/Mac-like desktop. What could possibly lead to this?


Could someone make me a Gem.cfg that would make OpenGEM have Win95-like colors, or an easy colorset editor? I'm comparing various desktops for DOSbox, and one bad aspect of OpenGEM is the color scheme.

Re: Why emulate? just why?

in Windows
That's it. Kill the thread now. But note that there exists some hardware with built-in emulation (ranging from almost good to half-butted). Half-btted one is SUBINI S680DT having a NES emulator. Joystick quickly stopped working properly (port fault) and only half of games really loaded. Though, from …


From 2002 (when I got a PC), up to 2008 I was using an old PC, 633MHZ CPU, 256MB RAM... do I remember it correctly that DOS games recognize AC'97 as "Sound Blaster + MT32"? I even used to use one game's setup to figure settings for another game without autodetection...

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