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Re: Dune "HERAD" Ad Lib Music Hacking

in DOS
psy_ wrote on 2020-01-12, 19:53: hi, in the cd version it is inside the big dat file dune.dat , i have a program that can extract it (DuneCDExtractor.exe) but i don't know how to compress the files again to the dat format Does the game crash if you remove the compressed .DAT and just use the …

AGD Interactive classic Sierra Adventure remakes running on DOS

in DOS
Hi fellas, so recently i took interest into trying to run King's Quest 1 VGA remake on DOS. I knew from years ago that there was a VGA remake for DOS, but didn't care for years. I now decided to check it out. So basically, all AGS games that use AGS engine up to 2.62 can indeed run in DOS. So i …

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