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Re: Multi-Soundcard Industrial Computer Project

Although you have a good number of sound cards, i see a lot of redundancy. It's better to lose the SB16 and keep the AWE64, because you'll have EMU8000 synth and SB16 digital part. An SB Pro and a Maxi Sound 64 is also redundant, unless the reason is the OPL3 difference, but you already have a PAS16 …

Re: Multi-Soundcard Industrial Computer Project

Pretty cool, love these projects. I have a similar one, but without the usefulness of a complete industrial backplane setup: https://youtu.be/kk6nyrX4DK8 Everything mounted on a Corsair Obsidian case with 9 expansion slots. I did of course had to extend the ISA bus with a small backplane. Sound …

Re: TNDLPT : Tandy Sound on parallel port

I'm curious about how you patches work. Are they custom tailored to the TNDLPT or do they use the int 0c0h + TSR trick or something like that? I'm asking because the software interrupt plus TSR variant would imply that support for further sound cards could be added without further patching. Patches …

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