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Re: Su 25 : Soviet Attack Fighter steering

in DOS
has somebody any good advice for the best way to steer the plane? According to my experience (36 hours) of flying real airplane: 1. Keep an eye on airspeed. Don't let airspeed drop below stall speed +10 kts. 2. Too much bank. Try turning with not more than ±15° of bank. 3. Don't pull so hard on a …

Re: Tandy 2500 XL "C0 to 1E0" patching

I can't recall exactly from memory, but most of the mentioned games in the OP are out c0h, al which is basically a 2 byte instruction. Patching to 1E0h is more involved: mov dx, 1e0h out dx, al 4 bytes right there. Unless there's a couple of NOP's in the sound subroutine it will be a gargantuous or …

Re: Castle Wolfenstein on a Pentium 133 (all cache disabled)

in DOS
So, it will never run on my machine? Unless I use an emulator or something? It will run but will have issues because it was intended to be play on the original IBM PC or equivalent. Maybe if you use ATSLOW (and all caches disabled) with /t120 parameter you can get it to run at an acceptable speed.

Re: DOS file size limit

in DOS
I'm using 4DOS version 7.50, despite my DOS 7.1 installation recognizing files bigger than 2GB i can't do anything with them, MOVE or COPY commands don't work for instance. I guess these commands need to be patched to support the INT 21 AX=6C00 function. I wonder if Jason Hood, author of SHSUCDX and …

Re: DOS file size limit

in DOS
Is it DOS that gave the issue, or some app? Because the 2GB limit might come as the result of using signed integer for file pointers within the app. The half of the theoretically supported size would be lost to the sign bit within the app's implementation. I used MTCP's FTP tool to transfer the …

DOS file size limit

in DOS
I've been rocking out a FAT32 137GB maxed (that's all my BIOS can see) out DOS "7.1" installation for a while now and i can't complain too much. Recently i decided to add a second hard drive with a couple of partitions. One partition is FAT16, due to some incompatibilities with FAT32 and some games. …

Re: Using Creative Goldfinch

On my Sonic ecstasy rig i use any Orpheus which is only SB Pro compatible. Works fine. I recommend UNISOUND to enable the Goldfinch. Only drawback is that games with DMX Sound system refuse to play AWE if they don't detect a SB16. DOOM and Raptor: Call of the Shadows are the prime examples. FastDOOM …

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