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Re: DOSBox-X branch

Just tried to build this from github using my mingw64 toolchain in msys64 .. and after a few tweaks to the code, this SEEMS to work. But running the compiled binary fails with LOG: E_Exit: D3D not supported This is on a windows 10 machine. Any ideas what I could do about this? edit: It indeed runs …

Re: Making the window bigger on Windows 7

For a bigger window, use a corresponding scaler, either with one of the options "-scaler" or "-forcescaler" or by setting it in the configfile -- look there for available scalers. For fullscreen, hit alt+enter -- shouldn't be a surprising key-binding for long-time users of MS systems 😉

Re: dosbox/openglide ia32 packages for debian/amd64

Hints for getting the sound working: - make sure ia32 versions of libasound2, the alsa-plugins used and the ladspa-plugins used are installed. - use a custom dmix configuration with ipc_perm 0666, just to be sure anyone can use an established ipc, e.g.: pcm.!dmix { type dmix ipc_key 1024 ipc_perm …

dosbox/openglide ia32 packages for debian/amd64

This is pretty experimental, so I hesitate uploading it to my APT repository, but at least, it "works for me". I'd be happy to get some feedback :) I wouldn't expect the binaries to work on Debian/Lenny because i built them on testing, but maybe someone can use the source packages for Debian/Lenny …

Re: Problems with Duke Nukem 3D

Just a suggestion: Try "eduke32". That's the IMHO best port of Duke Nukem 3D to "modern" operating systems, it works just like the original with the original level data (so you still need your original copy), but it can optionally use high resolution textures etc from http://hrp.duke4.net/, giving …

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