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Re: DOSBox SVN Builds

Dominus, Firefox says that your link is not safe. Then I go to sourceforge.net/projects/vdos/ and look it's description. It seems that vDos is not meant for me. I have a game about asterism/fate in Chinese Language, it runs under Hercules mode only and needs a printer for some result. It works fine …

Help~ about protected BASICA program.

in DOS
Hi all, I dumped an old BASICA game from a floppy with heavily mold. After several times of try, there were still 4 bytes corrupt (2EE7~2EEA). I dumped 5 times and compared every copy, then upload the best one. Also, this BASICA program is in protected format. Anyone can help me to recover this …

Re: Formatted by what OS ?

in DOS
Floppy and hard disk images that have the IBMMS3.3 OEM signature within the first 16 bytes of the disk were formatted under IBM PC-DOS 3.3 (1987). Further down, you will see a IBMBIO.COM and IBMDOS.COM - those are files that are need to boot the OS. Thanks for your reply. As you said, this OEM …

Formatted by what OS ?

in DOS
I have a game in .IMG format dumped by my friend. The OEM Operation System Name is mysterious for me. IBM PC DOS 3.3 ? MS-DOS 3.3 ? Anyone know what is it ? Filename sshot-1.png File size 17.24 KiB Views 585 views

Re: ET's Rugby League - Requests Floppy Disk

This game seems use similar keydisk copy protection method as Rampage, I guess. You can try to use WinImage to make a blank 360K diskimage, e.g. disk.img. Then copy all files of this game into it. Run this game like following : imgmount a disk.img -t floppy a: Then run the main executable file. Good …

Re: Bubble Bobble Hercules

in DOS
I don't know anything about your Hercules card. But your problem seems caused by the OS you used (and/or timer on your motherboard). Anyway, as I said, just try "PCE" or the lastest "DOSBox_SVN".

Re: Bubble Bobble Hercules

in DOS
Wow, it does start with the simcga you posted! It doesn't "work" though, as with HGCIBM there are so many problems that it's unplayable It works/playable here. Do you use DOSBox ? In fact, this game is keydisk copy protected. You can only use Teledisk to dump diskimages and run it using PCE without …

Re: Dosbox and Princess Maker 2

Is this thread related to last year's thread here: http://www.vogons.org/viewtopic.php?f=31&t=36183. It was posted that you had video tearing that I could not reproduce. Also, I could not play the above AVI file. Moreover, mobygames.com does not show that this game was available for DOS. Is this …

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