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Re: List the PC games that you have beaten

in Milliways
Devil May Cry 5 Runs great, no crashes. Hard to keep track of all the moves with 3 different characters so end up mashing buttons so game ends up being easy because of that but if you play the game over and over and over and over then I would likely remember them all. Works with Goldberg steam emu

Re: DOSBox Compilation Guides

Minor update. Changed LIBSSDLS variables -lsdl_net to -lSDL_net for Linux. Need to check zlib on Linux again. Possibly variables messing up. Verified again that a compiled DOSBox executable with Mingw-w64 w/gcc 9.2 win32 compiled on Linux works on Windows XP.

Re: DOSBox Compilation Guides

DOSBox binary works fine on 95+, NT3.50+ if compiled static when compiled with MINGW-W64 that was compiled with win32 instead of posix thread. Mingw-W64 from the MSYS2 repo is compiled with posix instead of win32 thread and they are too lazy to provide both but you can download a older non-trunk …

Re: Open with: DOSBox

Would be best to remove the links that reference usage of files that the op obviously does not own as well as references in the documentation to "archives". lol. Everyone knows what you mean, at least you didn't mention "abandonware" You'd be better off scripting a method for a user to make the game …

Re: create cd images

Unless the copy protection is very simple like checking for files, label or audio tracks then it's not going to work with DOSBox so use a crack. You should also be mounting the CD drive as the D drive. Some games may require MSCDEX You should be using Bin/Cue with DOSBox by default unless you know …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Devil May Cry 5. Finished Halo reach which bored me to death as Halo games do but this is much better. Cut scenes are annoying, audio translation is odd as usual, Easier than bayonetta (I'm not complaining), too many load screenes but it's fun.

Re: dosbox-staging (DOSBox Git repo)

@Kisai thanks for summary, but discussing implementation details on Vogons is really inconvenient - it's too easy to derail the discussion or lose someone's comment. The most productive way forward will be to open two new topics in dosbox-staging bugtracker (one for MT32, other for Fluid), or maybe …

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