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It's an optimization guide for developers for coding their software to take advantage of the new architecture, ie not news. If Denuvo infected games don't work on these new cpus (that's a big if considering the huge fallout that would result and the instruction set is the same) then not a big deal …


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Sigh, FUD. Both with your horrible subject and at Tom's. Now my opinion of Tom's has dropped even lower if that's even possible. How about you put 30 seconds of thought into how this article doesn't make any sense.

Re: Game Port OS Compatibility

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https://msfn.org/board/topic/183038-gzdoom-for-windows-xp/?tab=comments#comment-1206461 Doom ports DOS eternity-dos-v33920-7 FastDoom 0.8.7 MBF 2.04 95 Zdoom LE 2.8.1f 98SE-ME Chocolate Doom 2.3.0 Crispy Doom 3.2 Doom Legacy 1.48.8 PrBoom+ Rude 2.5.0c ZDoom32 2.8.6 98SE-ME (KernelEX) …

Re: Half Life 2 2187 on Windows 98

The early versions of valve games stored most of the game files via gcf. (They can be extracted with GCFScape if you want but don't have to be.) First check that location to see if the files are in that location. IIRC the location is also a registry entry that can be changed.

Re: Right to repair discussion (split from What retro activity did you get up to today?)

If you think they cannot read your encrypted data you are wrong, they wrote the encryption and can reverse it (unless you pre-encrypt it with third party tools but even then...no guarentee) Got any proof of that ? Do you have any idea how bitlocker works ? Also "they" can read your data with much …

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