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Re: Radeon 9600XT crashing Win98se

Darn, so close. Tried what you said and it loaded this time and started to run. Then locked up. I think the card is bust. I did find another one at a decent price so hopefully that one works as well. Seller said it ran 3dmark. /crosses fingers.

Re: Radeon 9600XT crashing Win98se

Thanks for the info. What driver are you using with the 9800? I do not have another mobo or system with AGP Looked over it a few times and just now, I don't see any obvious damage. All the caps look good. 550w PSU Fan runs on the card and does not overheat. Not sure on history, ebay purchase. It …

Radeon 9600XT crashing Win98se

When I try to run 3dmark 2001se it crashes right away trying to load the benchmark. Can't get SC4 to load either. Everything works fine with a MX440. Would this indicate a bad radeon or bad drivers? Or was it simply too new for win98se? Using the 6-2_wme_dd_cp_30314 drivers. Athlon XP 1700 512 DDR …

Increase resolution

Does anyone know if Simcity 2000 DOS version has a higher resolution than 800x600? I thought it did, but maybe that was the windows version. I set the resolution higher for window mode in DOSbox but SC still runs lower.

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