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Re: Whats your Video Board (Chipset)?

Please use the Poll and post the OpenGLid.log file to us. Here goes: ------------------------------------------- OpenGLide Log File ------------------------------------------- ***** OpenGLide Version0.06b13 ***** ------------------------------------------- Date: 10/02/02 Time: 23:03:07 …

Re: Re: So we get back to the original question.

Just who are you to say this? You mean in your opinion. Precisely. It is my opinion. Who am I? Simply someone who has seen the benefits of Paul's efforts and willingly paid him the small fee he asks for his excellent Glide wrapper. The alternatives are to either forego using software that requires …

Re: So we get back to the original question.

I don't respond well to threats Glidos, even if you have the capibity of using a power trip to boot me out! < boggle > Did you not read Paul's response in the other thread? He was much more civil and levelheaded than I could ever be in his position. I do want this capibility, but I have a limited …

Re: Freeware?

You're welcome, Glidos and Snover. I'm well aware of the amount of sheer effort that goes into a project such as this. The Open Glide dll and ini file brought new life to a favorite game, and I'm more than happy to buy the full package by way of thanks. It's the least I can do.

Re: RB3D works 99%

Glidos wrote: Anyway, with any luck, v006b12 that I uploaded earlier today will fix lots of the transparency problems. It does. ALL the trasparency problems I was seeing are gone. It goes without saying that I'm one happy RB pilot today!

Re: RB3D works 99%

The new version of the wrapper is AWESOME! I've been flying all evening with a big grin on my face. Fantastic work, Paul! I still have a few trasparency related issues, the easiest to reproduce being the dark grey polygon around the guns in the F2 view. Paul, if you haven't already, you may want to …

Re: Freeware?

I'm interested in GLIDOS but don't wan't to use PayPal. I'm not a cheapskate for a lousy 10 bucks, but any money I have, I think should go for more useful things including electricty, phone bills, cable TV, and my ISP. Well, if you find that Glidos is not useful you can simply delete it. How can I …

Re: RB3D works 99%

Hi Paul, Do I have to play through one campaign to get to another, or something? As you progress through a campaign you'll be assigned newer aircraft as your squadron upgrades. Eventually you'll be allowed to paint your plane from within the sim. That's in offline single play - online is a whole new …

Re: Re: similar results for info sake

That's why some "Red Baron 3D" fans have gone ahead and just bought the full GliDOS, to show their gratitude. Exactly. Paul's support of our community has been great, including buying a copy of RB3d so that he can better tweak the wrapper. I consider my $10 well-spent, and I hope that RB pilots …

Re: Every little bit helps!

Agreed! My $10 is on the way via Pay Pal, and it's the best computer related bang for the buck I've spent in years. Many thanks for a SUPURB utility! Methinks a virtual Pour le Merite or VC is in order here. 😁

Re: Many many thanks..

Hear, hear! With Nvidia seemingly uninterested in using the Glide technology they acquired with the purchase of 3dfx and wrapper after wrapper falling far short of the mark, Glidos is nothing short of a dream come true. Many thanks for the outstanding wrapper and the work you continue to do on it. …

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