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Wing Commander IV DVD version on Win98SE

I'm trying to run the DVD version of Wing Commander IV on a Win98SE box, however i'm running into difficulties getting it to work without the DVD board. I'm using dxmci http://www.si-gamer.net/gulikoza/dxmci.html and this is what the guy says: Will this work in Windows 98? Yes it will! Just follow …

Re: Baby AT mobo slightly out of line of standoffs - is it safe to just rest it on them?

The leftmost screw hole on most AT motherboards is not round but elliptic and that allows for adjusting the orientation via shifting and rotating so that the other screws align with the holes; have you looked into this? I would wager that your case and not the board is the one out of spec here, …

Grand Prix 2 - Crashing on AMD K6-2 400

Specs Jetway J-542B with AMD K6-2 400. 32MB RAM ATI Rage Pro 128 MS-DOS 6.22 (Fresh install) When I run GP2, when I load the track, it crashes with a DOS/4GW error: https://i.imgur.com/idWaKrn.jpg When I load the game with DOS-32A instead, It crashes in the same place, with this: https://i.imgur. …

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