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Re: I'm looking for another game.

in Windows
JA2 definitely had some mined and fenced bases that I remember. There are some other candidates, though I'm not sure if they have mine detection mechanics: Soldiers at War and 101st Airborne.

Re: Wacky Wheels with higher FPS?

konc wrote on 2023-05-27, 13:17: I think that's not what Good_Punk ask guys. The frame rate is locked to a quite low value so once you reach that you can't go smoother regardless of dosbox cycles or real hardware power. Well, that's a different story. OP didn't mention this.

Re: What's bottlenecking?

Nope, the boot disk CD isn't working. I burned the iso on a CD-R, put it in the CD drive, booted up, the boot up hangs on to a black screen with the hyphen or underline flashing but nothing happens. Why would you burn a floppy disk image to a CD? Notice how it says "Boot Disk (3.5-1.44mb)". Disk vs …

Re: Diamond Edge 3D NV1 wrapper

in Marvin \ Video
I'd like to play Panzer Dragoon with that :D What for? There's almost no visual difference. The Edge applies some limited texture smoothing, smudging the textures and making them look worse imo: https://youtu.be/jChtlWNIAL4?t=859 Note that in the video above he appears to be running software mode …

Re: Some problematic games I've been trying to run for months...

in Windows
You might try one more thing: delete the GPU driver and run games with the Microsoft default driver. See if that changes anything I was on the process of doing that now, and still no luck. I assume you've tried compatibility mode and uninstall and reinstall it and clean out the directory. Hmm have …

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