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Hi, I have been busy lately implementing high quality image scaling support for a different emulator, MAME, which in its raw form has only very basic image enhancements like scanlines, ect. At first I thought I should go for HQx which I believed to be the state of the art, only to learn shortly …

Re: Save States - Proof of concept

If you refer to the std::swap error: Mirroring objects should fix the issue. E.g. "save_state.cpp:84" Replace bytes.swap(Util::decompress(bytes)); by Util::decompress(bytes).swap(bytes); The error message is a "little" chatty, but says it all: save_state.cpp:84: error: no matching function for call …

Re: Save States - Proof of concept

I did a little refactoring, just to get some compiler aid when trying to understand the overall structure. Thereby I made the flags variable private and offered a get-method for it. Additonally "PageHandler" received a constructor that takes a flag-argument: core_dynrec/cache.h:97: error: no …

Re: Save States - Proof of concept

The same named method one line above in the constructor works Template arguments may not reference an unnamed type. Again MSVC is a bit more lax here. Giving this struct a name should fix it: static struct Blah { Bitu used; PF_Entry entries[PF_QUEUESIZE]; } pf_queue;

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