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Re: Cheap but well performing PCI 3D video cards

I'm looking to pair a Pentium M 1.7GHz (or faster), i915GV & ICH6 (ASUS PGTV-DM) with a PCI graphics board. It only supports onboard graphics and the one PCI slot. I'm gonna run XP on this. And the goal is to have a silent single low-rpm fan. So far I'm looking at a Nvidia 6200/512MB board. Not sure …

Re: Best VGA to HDMI converter? Suggestions please?

Well I had another crack at it and got the faulty monitor working.. In my short travels of researching VGA-to-HDMI I found nothing that would've been satisfactory. Either the range of resolutions supported was specific and narrow, or the lag was too long. And then there were the complexities of …

Best VGA to HDMI converter? Suggestions please?

Thinking of giving up on repairing a few LCD 4:3 monitors and modernizing all my display hardware. This means new monitors with HDMI only inputs. But I still have some VGA only graphics cards and systems still being used. So I need some recommendations for a VGA-to-HDMI converter. Points of interest …

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