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Re: english, the planetary language

in Milliways
I would say there is a point where simplicity starts to work against you. I feel in English that you need a lot of auxiliary words to make your statements precise. In my own language, Dutch, it is heading in the same direction. We lost the noun cases, but now we are injecting extra words to describe …

Re: Speaking of dual boot. The big trouble to put Windows 98SE and Windows XP in two different hard disk.

Newer motherboards (like my Athlon 600 board) have full auto detect on all IDE ports. So if I leave them all to auto they will automatically adjust to what I have connected and boot from the first drive that is detected (is doesn’t even need to be the primary master). So then the CF in front setup …

Re: Crystal Caves HD!?

in Milliways
Because computational power has become (more) cheap and abundant, programmers got lazy and lost the ability to optimize in favor of feature creep and ease of use. So we keep buying and spending to be able to run software that would have worked as well on what we had. So we keep creating e-waste and …

Re: OPL2/3 vs. the clones

I certainly feel that OPL3 is quickly overrated when it is just used to listen to an OPL3 MIDI driver playing MIDI music. There are occasions that a game has music composed for the OPL3 chip that programs the OPL3 chip directly, but it is rare. Most games used some sort of MIDI engine and an OPL3 …

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