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Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

Hi everyone ! Yesterday, I managed to power up my oldies computer once again (Athlon XP 1600+, 512 Mo SDRAM, Windows ME updated with latest DX9b), and I wanted to bench my 3Dx a bit. I installed the card with the drivers 4.1.2 downloaded on the Vintage Driver Library, everything seemed fine, until …

Re: My Dual Xeon PC

Here are some 3d mark benchmarks that I did for the dual xeon. The hardware stats as mentioned earlier are as follows: 2 xeon cpu's specifically 800fsb 3.0 gig nocona's. corsair pc3200 (2gb) ram EVGA geforce 6800 ultra agp card. Hardrive is a 250 Seagate sv Series. Case is a Lancool PC-K63 PSU is a …

Re: 3dfx Quantum3D Mercury - 4 Quantum 3D Obsidian2 SBi, on ebay

in Milliways
Guys, I purchased a Quantum OBSIDIAN2 SBi (24 MB) PCI Graphic Card with the medusa cable but cannot get any video out of it. I have connected the primary video card to the medusa's 15 pin cable then the 26 pin into the obsidian and then the other 15 pin to the monitor cable. I get no boot up bios …

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