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Re: Hanging music in Kings Quest VI

Figured it out, the SB16 drivers provided in the tutorial here a somewhat bugged(or at least in combination with dosbox) and sadly they are the same drivers that are widespread and suggested by everyone to use with win3.1. I happened to stumble upon differenet win3.1 sb16 drivers and they work …

Re: Hanging music in Kings Quest VI

Odd...try an SVN ScummVM build...also, you need to configure it PROPERLY, so..you need to change the music to general midi, though that ISN'T the sound blaster music, you'll probably need to set the correct game version when adding it. The Sound Blaster is emulated by default, no matter your music …

Re: Hanging music in Kings Quest VI

Ugh, I've tried to use all of the windows emulators and they're either a huge pain or don't work correctly at all. As far as SummVM goes even though it says the windows version is supported you still get the DOS based music. I couldn't figure out a way for it to emulate the SoundBaster16 OR get the …

Hanging music in Kings Quest VI

When playing Kings Quest VI using windows 3.1 sometimes a music note will not stop when it should. It will continue to play the one note until a different song is loaded. Been going at this forever with no luck, anyone know how to fix this. I'm using windows 3.1. Please don't say use the DOS version …

What SB16 does DosBox use?

I've been playing Kings Quest under Windows 3.1 and it sounds great. I wanted to buy the exact same soundcard for my computer that dosbox is emulating but there's a ton of different soundblaster16s on ebay.. can I get some help 😀

VDM Sound in Windows 9x Help

I just installed VDM sound for Windows 98 using this tutorial sierrahelp.com/Utilities/Emulators/VDMSound/VDMSound9x(Alpha).html I'm at use usage stage at the last step but I'm a little confused how I get my games to run with VDMsound What does "Change directory to where the game.." mean? I do this …

Re: Looping sounds (Kings Quest VI)

But with the dos version there's no way to get the higher res character portraits correct? Also how would I go about installing another sound card for windows 3.1 on dosbox.. are there any good tutorials on it? Also I have no idea where to start when messing around with the sound blaster settings …

Looping sounds (Kings Quest VI)

I'm using windows 3.1 and set it up according to the guide on this forum If background music is playing to long some of the notes played will not stop playing unless the games song changes or the game is saved and then restored. Is there any way to fix this? I'm using the cd talkie version.

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