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Re: Live-booting a HDD-less Pentium4 laptop to backup floppy disks.

in DOS
No need for an iscsi target or a full windows image loaded over the network. As the previous poster suggested, you can supply a virtual disk/floppy image with pxelinux and memdisk. Just drop a bootable Dos floppy into an image, put on your packet drivers for your network card, and the new mtcp suite …

Re: What game are you playing now?

Just started playing Enderal, the Skyrim-engined overhaul. I have probably put several hundred hours in to Skyrim over the years, on PC, Xbox 360 and PS4... And this is like meeting someone you once knew at school, but they're now much cooler and a secret UFC cage fighter at the weekend. Everything …

Re: Tell about your country

Aldi has their own knock-off Biscoff range now; they do both the biscuits (I'm no huge fan of Lotus biscuits, but from the few 'originals' that I've tried, these are pretty close, imo) and a spread which looks like a very thin, smooth peanut butter. We've had the biscuits a couple of times and …

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