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Re: Question about old DVI..

Depends if the mx400 has a DVI-A, DVI-I or DVI-D connector. DVI-A is analogue only DVI-I carries analogue and digital (and will work to HDMI) DVI-D carries digital only (and will work to HDMI) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Visual_ … ector_Types.svg

Re: Legend of Sword and Fairy - english patch

in DOS
It really does need to be made clear somewhere that you cannot play the DOS version in English in DOS, only using the SDLPal binary within Windows. It needs a matrix of versions and platform binaries to show what is possible, because frankly, it's about as clear as mud! 😁

Re: Copam U-series 486

.. fastest card I've found for my 286. Yes, the one I have has 286 compatible BIOS. Most better ISA graphics cards have a BIOS that uses 386 instructions to rule out 286 systems. Second best VGA card I've tested on my 286 is the Ati VGA Stereo F/X, but it has worse VGA compatibility and it is …

Re: Copam U-series 486

I was fortunate to actually paint the entirety of that second case when I bought it, so I know the exact colour :-) With the first, I had to try a few shades until I found a decent math - it's not bad as long as you look at the front, but the right edge, and to a lesser extent the top of the bezel …

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