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Re: Execute file with DOSbox automatically?

@ Yushatak: The idea is great, cool prog! Unfortunately I think I would need further instructions on how to integrate this into my system, as I am not really an expert on computing... Furthermore, in the meanwhile the whole 32bit-program doesn't work correctly in Win7 64bit any more, so the whole …

Re: Execute file with DOSbox automatically?

Hi, sorry I wasn't able to deal with the problem for a few days. I don't know anything about the communication between the two programs, but the 32-bit program surely passes information on to readseq.exe when it launches it. In a way, the procedure readseq.exe has to do is always the same, but the …

Execute file with DOSbox automatically?

Hi, got a small problem with DOSbox: I have a 32-bit program running on a Windows 64-bit computer, which is no problem. But the program offers an export-routine realized by a 16-bit executable called readseq.exe, which isn't supported by the 64-bit system. I installed DOSbox, the readseq.exe now …

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