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Re: Feast of Intel740 chip Graphics cards

Ozzuneoj wrote on 2021-01-11, 19:26: Windows 98SE detected it as an "Intel i740 Win9x PV4.0 with Video Capture". Strangely, dxdiag detects 71.5MB of video memory... maybe this is related to some AGP trickery or just a glitch. That will be 64 MB AGP aperture + 8 MB video memory. Intel i740 was used …

Re: GPU coverage/overlap sufficient?

Velociraptor wrote on 2020-12-21, 16:10: PC4 is for DOS and I hope/expect to be able to use command line programs to disable cache etc to have it run at 386, 486 or pentium speeds. I can't do that with 440BX. You can disable the cache though. Underclock, as well as use slow down programs and so on. …

Re: Can we figure out Rage XL?

Never have I seen Rage Pro with a different core clock. Does that "Pro Turbo PCI" have EDO memory by any chance? I've never heard of Rage Pro referred to as a "Mach64 GT". What is the earliest ATi literature that refers to it as such? No idea what would be the earliest, but the programmers guide …

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