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Re: The Changeling 3dfx Voodoo 5 5500

3dfx added screen capture(hwcAAScreenShot) that combines all 4 buffers, to the driver, so you get outputed what you see on screen. This is how it was captured. Some loss is because I converted it from tga to png, but to show the difference between the two, its enough. https://www.beyond3d.com/ …

Re: PowerVR Fun Thread

mwdmeyer wrote on 2022-06-05, 05:17: I did a video comparing the PCX1 and PCX2 which might interest you guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FetxUywyGf8 Do we know if PC 3D Engine runs at 60 MHz? I always wondered if there is a crystal beneath the heatsink.

Re: Kingston KVR-GPA/4 4mb GPA for AGP video

Error 0x7CF wrote on 2022-05-30, 21:23: Are there any benchmarks comparing a display-cached i815 to a system-memory-only i815? I looked around and couldn't find any. I could not finish that before vacation, but it did account for ~20 % uplift on my system with 133 MHz RAM.

Re: What is ATI M1 and how it should be cooked?

First of all, can you tell me what’s the closest analog of this GPU in the desktop segment? Rage XL. Anything I should know about this gpu and it’s compatibility with the games I mentioned? Wrong mipmap selection is very disruptive. If it is not a driver issue, better keep it disabled. I am not …

Re: What is a 3D accelerator?

koleq wrote on 2022-04-08, 09:07: I've bid on a post that has both a Rage 2c and the original Virge, I know they are both very slow and bad but if I won that I could at least play around with them. That is the right spirit, imho. And you will have time to find an upgrade for reasonable price.

Re: What is a 3D accelerator?

The Serpent Rider wrote on 2022-04-07, 13:28: Ah, there migh be some problems with G450 on old motherboards, since it's Pentium 133. But buying Virge DX for 3D acceleration is pointless. Unless you want to explore the S3D library.

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