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Re: S3 Virge Graphics Card RAM Upgrade/Overclock

Also, how would I go about finding chips for this card on eBay or Aliexpress, and what would be the maximum memory size that I can put in it? Probably it would be easier to find other cheap card with socketed memory to pull them out of. The GX2 is the best of the bunch but is annoyingly AGP only. …

Re: SiS 6326 and OpenGL

Vintage3D have some dll file for download too, but when i rename it to openg32.dll and copy to glquake directory, game wont run, only will crash with error. Thanks to diagon_swarm for pointing me to newer driver with more mature ICD: https://vintage3d.org/driver/sis/SiS%206326%20228.zip It is …

Re: Riva tnt2 ultra OEM?

TNTs had only one DAC. That doesn't say much. G400 also had only one DAC and there were also dual head cards based on Savage MX. I was under impression Matrox TVO is a superset of ramdac. I dont really care about the "High-End" or "Ultra" status. I just want a decently good card for my retro build …

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