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Re: Star Trek Generations: video won't play

in Windows
The videos also work fine in Wine but as for the information needed this is the mediainfo output of the video files: General Complete name : /mov_01.avi Format : AVI Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave Format settings : rec File size : 87.9 MiB Duration : 3mn 43s Overall bit rate : 3 300 Kbps vedt …

Re: Old Games best way to play?

in Windows
Virtualization has compatibility issues. WINE has compatibility issues. Emulation has performance issues. Using old hardware has performance issues. Using new hardware has compatibility issues. Oh and everything has both compatibility and performance issues, I just wrote down what the largest …

Dosbox and Linux Exiting problem

Hello! I am using dosbox with linux specifically KDE. When exiting a full screen dos game using dosbox any windows that are open before running dosbox are not in the same position as before running dosbox in full screen. For example if i have my home folder open in the center of the screen after …

Re: Wine on newer windows OSes?

"(It gets worse: Even the 32bit version of Wine has dropped support for Win 2.x binaries the last time I checked.)" Use playonlinux instead of one install of wine and you will never lose support for win 2.x binaries

Re: Mechwarrior 2 BIN/CUE not mounting

in DOS
Make sure the cue file is in that location first then open the cue file in a text editor and see if the cue file has the image named correctly (Linux requires the case to be the same too) and in the correct place other than that i'd say you have a corrupt image

Re: A superior "Riven" build

in Windows
Original works fine in WINE (Never needed to bother with the Steam version) as long as the exact version of quicktime is used from the CD. I did manage to find this from somewhere (repects due to the person who did it Needs to be installed in XP first) I opened two Explorer windows: one showing my …

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