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Re: How to show on the menu bar with 0.74?

Ahem explain this https://www.dosbox.com/wiki/SVN_Builds SVN builds are versions of DOSBox that people have built from the latest version of the DOSBox source code, which is stored on sourceforge.net in something called an SVN repository. SVN builds contain changes that have been made by the DOSBox …

Craziest LAN party hijinks and or aftermath?

in Milliways
I'm not talking about craziest plays, or best "noscope" on CS 1.6 I mean like Aunt Helga's wig caught fire and you had to break your killstreak to go and smother her before the fire spread taking out the entire downstairs. Or your sister's ferret bit one of your friends so then you had to take him …

Re: Win98 blank taskbar buttons

in Milliways
It happens. It has always happened on my Windows 98 builds. Just click on them and they go away. Just don't leave too many of the "ghost" programs open or Explorer.exe will crash due to sucking up too much memory. There was an unofficial patch for Windows 98, but I found it to cause way too many …

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