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Re: What are you eating/drinking? (the vogons food thread)

For the past few years I've been threatening to grow chillies every spring. Never actually managed to do it until this year. So being without a garden, I used every available windowsill in my apartment and planted 20 (ish) various firethrowing chillies (hot lemon, habanero, birdeye and ghost) from …

Re: AMD stopped producing Radeon VII

As a gaming card it still makes no sense at £599. Even with a few at £560 on deals, it's far too much for a top tier GPU that isn't even at the top. As an industry card it's obviously awesome for the money. Vega56 should still be the best gaming GPU deal in the UK at the moment, but not sure how …

Re: LG 4K TV is depressed :(

Agreed that it did cross my mind when buying this TV that it was cheap for the spec! which was similar to TV's from Sony and Panasonic costing closer to £600. I honestly only had £400 to spend. At £350 (had a 10% off code for AO) I thought this LG was a bargain and I'd never had an issue with the …

Re: LG 4K TV is depressed :(

Absolutely. I mean it cost me £400 just 18 months ago. I immediately went to the paperwork and the LG page ( I bought it through ao.com ) and all I read was 1 year warranty. I figured I was up shit creek without a paddle then. Maybe I should give ao.com a call. I saved for an entire year to get this …

LG 4K TV is depressed :(

OK my 1.5 year old (I could cry.....) 4K 43" LG is turning blue. Is it depressed?! First noticed a few months ago a slight blue tinge at the top of the screen on the right (IPS panel btw). It slowly grew like bacteria in a petri dish, spreading downward to the lower part of the screen. Then another …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

I bought a new EVGA 1080 for cheap Oh, i'm in that boat too. I've already seen used prices drop $100 in the last week and I expect them to plummet once the fanboys get the 2080's. it's like $550 for one now, (ebay) and the price is only going down. my ati 480 will go out the the garage and I'll …

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

Any of you Vogoneers recently upgraded or upgrading to Navi or one of them new shiny "SUPER" (lol) GTX cards? Feel free to send your Polaris / Vega based card to me at a very sweet price. I'll thank you for it from the very bottom of my black heart! Seriously though, cash waiting! 🤣

Re: "Millennium" - 1999/2000 build

Windows 98SE was essentially a lottery every time you loaded it. Perhaps you can go three days without a BSOD, perhaps just a few hours. I never thought it was stable even towards the end. Millenium always felt like 98SE with some of the best features of Windows 2000. I installed it on a few retro …

Re: Help identifying this AGP card?

Thanks guys. Think I'm gonna have to throw the little red LP one into a rig to see. Right about the ET4000AX though. I looked on VGA Museum and there are loads of different models. Can't find this exact one on there. I guess they made lots of revisions. Thanks again for the help!

Re: Help identifying this AGP card?

shiva2004 wrote: A run of the mill generic nvidia geforce fx 5200 with 128mb of 64 bit memory. Thankyou very much! This can go in the pile of other FX5200's with 64bit memory! 🤣 Got through listing 45 cards, 2 of which you guys kindly helped me out with. Only around 50 more to identify!

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