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Re: dosbox-ipxdelay dedicated server

For those who have not seen the previous thread, this is a small dedicated server daemon for the DOSBOX IPX-over-UDP protocol. In particular, it is designed to not take up any CPU time at all when the server is not in use. Only DOSBOX itself is needed on the client side. It does not use SDL_net for …

dosbox-ipxdelay dedicated server

Since the "IPXNET Dedicated Server" thread is now locked, I am setting up a new thread for my dosbox-ipxnet dedicated server daemon. Replica_UK: You had mentioned that "Dungeon Keeper" didn't work for you, would you be willing to give me the output of "strace -tt -f -o /tmp/log -p " run on the …

Re: Dedicated IPXNET server.

I have just uploaded a new version with Windows support as well (untested, but it compiles under MinGW32). The .zip file contains source as well as a Windows binary. ftp://ftp.zytor.com/pub/games/dosbox/ipxrelay-0.2.tar.gz ftp://ftp.zytor.com/pub/games/dosbox/ipxrelay-0.2.zip

A different server, possibly faster(?)

[OK, I already posted this as a separate thread, not familiar with this BB UI] Hi all, Not having seen this thread, I stayed up late last night and whipped out a dedicated IPX server on my own. I quickly determined that using SDL_net would not perform well, since SDL_net doesn't have support for …

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