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Re: Acer 500+ XT system

Wow, just saw this thread and can't believe you managed to get this machine in such great condition :) This machine holds a special place in my heart being the first machine I ever owned (well was given to me by my uncle). Yours seems to be fully pimped out with 640KB ram whereas mine only ever had …

Re: Any of you on Windows 10?

in Milliways
Any word on whether you can upgrade a Windows 10 Preview machine to Windows 10 retail? Last I heard they were "hoping" you'd be able to do that. My surface pro 3 was on the preview and got the ram release ok. Build ends with 10240. I got it a few days before release, you have the option to turn off …

Re: Do you keep all your really retro machines set up?

in Milliways
I'm with Donutking, living in an apartment means most of the time the PC's are in storage. I have one retro computer out at a time, at the moment the 286 and the rest go back into the storage room. Really tempted about packing up my "modern" PC and just having the space for my retro computer since I …

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