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Re: RB3D works 99%

No , I specifically said that these .spl files have at their start , what looks to be a standard 2kb .pal file , then about 180kb of programming that apparently modifies the color depending on lighting effects .. for instance moving the color on a particular index towards grey to produce shading …

Re: RB3D works 99%

hmmm.... there aren't *that* many in-game palettes , + a few more for the DirectDraw shell screens .. The .pal on my site is used for all objects and planes .. DirectDraw and Glide .. and everything but an effects .pal in DirectDraw In Glide mode .. there are 3 terrain .pal files (all named the same …

Hope this helps !:)

Glidos: You are probably partially aware of this , but here goes :) RBII/3D's texture palettes are controlled in shading , sunglare , season color , ect .. by .spl files , which start , in the beginning of the files looking like standard .pal , and have about 180kb of subsequent programing to shift …

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