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Re: Norton Commander 5.5 vs 5.51

Well, I did indeed find the 1998 vs 1999 file timestamp difference; also, "5.50" vs "5.51" are mentioned during installation. I didn't notice any difference in behavior under Win95, so I'll stick to the one that says which one it is after installation (5.5) 😀...

Norton Commander 5.5 vs 5.51

Hello everyone, I'm trying to figure out whether the set of floppy images found online as NC 5.51 really are NC 5.51, as there is no mention of "5.51" anywhere after installation. I'm thinking of the "Info" panel - mine says "Version 5.5", while one of the screenshots on Wikipedia shows "5.51" (date …

Re: Intel 810 and OpenGL

In the end I decided to give up on WinXP and go for 98SE - with Fujitsu's video drivers (pretty much the same as Intel's latest at first sight) Quake2 runs like a charm in default OpenGL mode.

Re: Intel 810 and OpenGL

GPU Caps Viewer shows "OpenGL 1.1 (GDI Generic with 2 ext.)" (those two extensions being GL_EXT_bgra and GL_WIN_swap_hint). Intel's driver also installs an i81xgicd.dll file in system32 - I guess I'll try older versions of the driver, to see what happens...

Intel 810 and OpenGL

I'm trying to run Quake2 in default OpenGL mode on an Intel 810E2 based Fujitsu Siemens Scenic T computer - with either the OS (WinXP SP3) installed video driver or the latest one downloaded from Intel the game bails out with "GLimp_Init ( ) - no hardware acceleration detected" on the console. Tried …

Re: Hello from croatia

Like this one? Looks nice, too bad there's no room for a CD drive... http://sysadmin-vit.blogspot.ro/2011/02/unisys.html Anyway, for AMI BIOSes 1long+3short beeps indicate a memory test failure, while for Award BIOSes the same beep sequence means video card or video RAM failure - I'd start with re- …

Re: Game skills you really suck at?

in Milliways
My orientation skills are non existant so I suck playing RPG exploration games without automap. I sucked also playing Wolfenstein because of this too. :happyhappy: I suck at orientation too... sometimes the issue can be successfully overcome by "sticking to the same side" (for example in …

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