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DosBox and savestate support?

It has been quite a while since my last visit here so please, my apologies if this was answered before. Are there plans to implement a savestate feature in the next version? I'm now going back to some of my 80's and early 90's games and some of them doesn't have a built-in save/load feature, which …

Re: Two small suggestions

[quote]for thing 1 I would recommend making a video of it as that contains all screens[/quote] But this will not make screens to lost quality? I mean, I don't know if you're using some sort of video compression to create the .avi file, or is it in uncompressed frames format? And thanks for fixing …

Two small suggestions

I have two suggestions to the Dosbox team for a next release: 1) A key to pause emulation 'without' opening the config screen, with a 'frame by frame advancing' feature, like the one used by M.A.M.E.. Useful to produce better screenshots from fast-paced games. 2) An option to disable "low video …

Supreme Warrior PC CD trouble!! Please Help!

I'm trying to run my old Supreme Warrior (PC CD version - 2 CD's). So I mounted the CD drive as E: and inserted the game CD in my real CD drive. But I can only run the setup screen, to test sound, CD drive and video settings. The sound works fine using the Sound Blaster 16 option. The setup detects …

Re: DosBox - port to PalmOS?

Yes, I got it. It's called PalmDosBox and it's based on DosBox 0.65. I've installed it and It's running just fine with my T3; now, the only thing I need to figure out is how to set the SD card paths correctly to execute a game direct from the [autoexec] section of the dosbox.conf. That's because the …

DosBox - port to PalmOS?

HI, Is there any chances of someone of the DosBox team to port this brilliant emulator to PDA devices, such as PalmOS? Another small question... How can I mount a path and execute a .exe file that is in that path, directly from the [autoexec] section in dosbox.conf ? Thanks for reading. Roger.

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