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Re: Force 320x200(ish) VGA text mode

I made some DOS fonts In order to make text legible at 240P on a CRT Television - 640x240, and before I got that right I had it running at 320x240. https://anapan.ca/Anapan/sd_crt_dos_fonts.zip Included are the 2 .fnt files, as well as com files to set each font, and TSR com files to make the fonts …

Re: Opl 3 Sound Bank ?

Windows default (OPL2) FM Midi bank was made by The Fat Man https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Sanger_(musician) I think I remember there being a different drum set used in later OPL3 drivers from Creative...? It seems that all the tools necessary to make one are available. You might start from …

Re: DOSBox BIOS Font

I converted the best one of the 8x12 fonts I have (the MSI one) to DOS *.fnt format using dospcxfont and Font Edit II. You can use setfont.com from Font Edit II's directory I linked earlier to activate it, or load it into Font Edit II and save it as a TSR program to make it permanent. DosPCXFont & …

Re: DOSBox BIOS Font

I'm not completely sure what you're after, but you can use a TSR or bios font changer to apply many different sized fonts 8/9 wide x 1-32 tall, so it shouldn't bee too difficult to get dosbox showing a font at the size you want. The best dos font editor is Font Edit II by Ivan Llanas: http://www. …

Re: game wizard 32 - I can't get it to work.

LOL! I just realized my name's embedded in it. Kinda a bad/stupid thing if you think about it. This post has gotten a fair amount of views since I posted since this is where Google dumps people who are searching for it. Can anyone edit the image file(s) to remove my real name? I don't wanna take the …

Re: game wizard 32 - I can't get it to work.

I've created disk images from my original disk. If this isn't OK, I'll preemptively ask the mods to please delete this post. I'm posting it here because this is the only place I could find with any conversation about Game Wizard that's recent. http://www3.telus.net/anapan8/Game%20Wizard.htm

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