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Re: SoftMPU project needs your help! (game & sound card testing)

in SoftMPU
Perhaps, there is a viable alternative already. Quite some time ago, VDMSound on Windows 9x was created, and it proves being workable at least (surely not perfect). Probably, some debugging can make it even better, and may appear faster than creating a new VxD driver from scratch (which is a lost …

Re: Test program for package manager

Yes, obviously every good library code needs testing, and autotests is a great answer to check regressions continuously (provided the tests cover enough corner cases of the library). There is a problem here: nearly every usage of the library involves adding the ROMs, except some pieces of support …

Re: PCM ROM file cannot be opened.

in MT-32 General
I did a complete reset on my computer Well, I realise that actually munt should be completely gone after such procedure... Otherwise it wasn't "a complete reset", just some sort of OS reinstall without wiping data. Note, after reinstalling windows anew (without migration of apps / user data), none …

Re: Windows 10 stops detecting Munt.

I haven't had any issue with Munt since June, and version 2.4.0 so far survived two reboots B) The only glitch was when Win10 rev2009 was released in November. I ran "drvsetup.exe repair" to register the driver again. I realise this is as intended. Still, drvsetup doesn't deploy a driver package …

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