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Re: 3 (+3 more) retro battle stations

What version of the MB-8433UUD are you using? I've had better luck with the later v2 (9620+ datecodes on chipsets), v3, and v3.1 boads. Ensure your cache isn't mixed mode. And use a PCI HDD controller card and no CF. I've had issues with CF on this board, but I don't recall all the particulars …

Re: 3 (+3 more) retro battle stations

The ver:2 manual I wrote is here: http://www.vogonsdrivers.com/getfile.php?fileid=946 BIOS settings should be noted in the back of that manual. I do need to update the manual to include some more detail on the cache mod, but I'm concerned that I never will have time. My home life is a mess. I'd like …

Re: 3 (+3 more) retro battle stations

I applied @feipoa's mod to the CPU. With few small improvements. Didn't cut the pin, but only unsoldered and bent it upwards, making sure it does not touch the heatsink. Inserted a piece of insulator to form a bed for one of the diode legs. Precisely bent the diode wires to fit exactly where i …

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