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Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

BTW, KingGuppy, congratulations on making a member on VOGONS! But everyone's invited to please help with the testing.... I would LOVE to help test. Since I'm running Win7 64, I'll have to wait for a intermediate build from ykhwong or something similar since I cannot run that mt32 munt driver alone. …

Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

Ykhwong, this newer build of yours sounds great. However, with the recent switch in reverb, the SQ3 intro almost has no reverb at all. The previous build had almost a delay effect than a reverb on the perscussion, so in some ways, this version is slightly superior.

Re: Munt Reloaded - Development

Awesome! I just downloaded Ykhwong's DosBox version and finally ... YES FINALLY ... Space Quest 3's opening theme song sounds PERFECT!! This is truly a glorious day for me since my Roland MT-32 has long been broken and the previous MT-32 emulation wasn't quite right ... but this implementation of …

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