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Re: RB3D continued

If I were about to buy a new joystick setup for flight-sims, I'd wait a month (or less?) and get the new ThrustMaster Top Gun Afterburner Force Feedback stick. Contains a throttle, force feedback (very nice for prop sims, you can "feel" the plane begin to stall), a twist grip for rudder OR a rocker …

Re: Ugly Tiles

It's definitely an RB bug; it happens when running in Glide with any Voodoo with more than 2MB texture memory, if you are using 3rd party textures larger than those that came with the original game. Generally speaking it is a combination of large 3rd party terrain/plane textures with the 3rd party …

Re: RB3D continued

Worth stressing that this only happens with 3rd party graphic mods that use larger textures than the ones that RB comes with by default; so if the developer of Glidos wants to reproduce the problem he'll need to install some 3rd party patches on his copy of RB. A quick way to reproduce the problem: …

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