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Frame rate limiter for WindowsXP inside VMware?

I'm unable to continue my Mechwarrior 2 gameplay because it is glitching out on me immediately after loading the mission. My mech gets thrown into the air and the level automatically fails before I am able to do anything. I'm relatively sure this is due to the 280fps making the physics all goofy …

Re: FYI: Steam drops XP/Vista in 2019

in Milliways
DosFreak wrote: The steam fanboys always mention that Valve will push out a magical patch to make their (ie Valve) games offline when Valve disappears. Yes, I will be anxious to see how and if Valve handles this also.

Re: Anyone here good at analysing why games don't work?

in Windows
The new security *fixes* for Windows 10 were also backported to Windows Vista and Seven and then silently, automagically installed via Windows Update.. Nice isn't it ? MS really cares for the users. They try to make sure even users of prioer OSes get an equally good experience whenever possible. :) …

Re: Giving windows Vista a second chance

in Milliways
Yup, Vista supporting DX11 was very nice at the time; it's why I skipped over buying win7 and went directly to win10 instead. FWIW, my main motivation for reinstalling Vista is for my games that can't get around StarForce and to run all Mechwarrior2/3 engine games with minimally needed workarounds. …

Re: Giving windows Vista a second chance

in Milliways
I happily just installed Vista64 onto my modern-ish PC (ASRock P67 Performance,i5-3570K CPU @ 4.3GHz,GTX970,8 Gig GSkill DDR3-SDRAM PC3-12800). Why? Cause I want one system that can do it all very well. I have tons of 90's and 00's games I wish to run; both win7 and winXP have too many compatibly …

Re: PCEm. Another PC emulator.

leileilol wrote: ATTN expert Voodoo owners: Recently I've been working on this patch and I desire technical feedback to perfect it further.. Thank you very much for your efforts but when a file is put out there with no instructions on how to install or use it, it's hard to give feedback.

Re: Anti-aliasing possible?

Thanks, Auzner. This thread indeed shows many pics of both shaders at work. Both very close but I agree xBR does appear better. I'd try xBR but I'm not sure how to implement it as the needed .fx file for Dosbox. I don't see a .fx file for download anywhere?

Re: Anti-aliasing possible?

mrau wrote: forums: places where one can observe in natural surroundings some wisebutts asking, getting a proper answer and correcting then all those who tried to help them 😀 btw: auzner and leileilol were right and you are wrong First: rude. Second: How do you figure?

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