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Programmer's Guide To PC & PS/2 Video Systems

in Marvin \ Video
For those interested in the very old video adapters of yore, I've recently digitized the "Programmer's Guide To PC & PS/2 Video Systems" by Richard Wilton, from 1987. It covers MDA, CGA, Hercules, EGA, MCGA, VGA and Hercules InColor. It can be found here , at least until I've found a better location …

DOSBox game blaster emulation vs. SAAYM

in DOSBox General
I recently purchased an SAAYM sound card from TexElec, which sports two SAA1099s and should be Gameblaster / CM/S compatible. However, I noticed after writing a quick test program that in DOSBox the notes play a lot higher (8 halfnotes to be precise). Is this a known inaccuracy? If not, is there any …

Re: Guide to the DOSBox debugger

in DOSBox Guides
videogamer555 wrote on 2023-02-21, 05:23: Wait how is that an extra feature? If the heavy debug version takes AWAY the ability to use INT 3 breakpoints, that seems like it has FEWER features. Like I said in that other thread, debuggers use INT 3, not programs themselves. You are confused about INT …

Re: DOSBox debugger

The solution is to allow INT3 or INT 3 break points to cause the debugger's execution of the code to stop. INT 3 only causes the debugger to halt execution because debuggers hook that interrupt, and put INT 3 in the code when you set a breakpoint. DOSBox debugger is not a traditional debugger …

Scaling in text mode

in DOSBox General
I didn't want to necro this old topic , so starting a new one. My question: how to scale the DOSbox window when in text mode. The 2010 answer of using "forced" doesn't seem to work. The reason for wanting to scale is for playing DOS 160x100x16 games like Round42, and my own 160x100x16 version of …

New case for new retro XT

I've recently purchased a NuXT 2.0 , and I'm looking for a case (ideally including an ATX power supply). I have a hard time finding a nice desktop (instead of tower) mini ATX case that also allows a 5 1/4" drive on the front. Do they even exist anymore? I really don't like a tower, XTs were meant to …

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