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Re: Guide to the DOSBox debugger

in DOSBox General
But releases is not how you determine the death of a project... what's your agenda here? Not sure if I agree. For the ordinary users, it may well be. Glad to see there's still life and love for this project though, and let's end this meta-discussion here lest we invoke the wrath of a moderator :). …

Re: DOSBox debugger

Indeed! That seemed the case, even though I'm running an offical build (85.0.4183.121). Funnily enough, even middle-button click, which should also open in new tab, doesn't work, the tab closes immediately. But opening a new tab from the context menu works. Really weird...

DOSBox vs forks and patches

in DOSBox General
I sincerely doubt it. DOSBox has been in stasis for a long time now, and the debugger hasn't been updated in decades. Would be nice to have a modern debugger like in most emulators, but I wouldn't hold your breath...

80186 socket

I've got a couple of 80186s lying around (ceramic package), and I've been tempted to start some project with them. However, I don't have sockets to put them in, and googling doesn't help. So my question is whether someone knows whether sockets for these chips are still available, and I'd so where. …


NovaCoder wrote: Yep here you go, sorry it took a few years "A few years" 😀. So what exactly is running and how? The Amithlon is an x86 machine right? But what does it run dosbox in? The underlying Linux, or the emulated 68k? JAL

Re: IBM Music Feature Card/Yamaha FB-01

Wikipedia says "Compared to the OPM, the OPP has the same pinout and functional features but some minor changes to control registers. Differences are the test register address (9), the timer B resolution (period doubled: 2048 clock cycles on OPP vs. 1024 on OPM), and 8 undocumented registers …

Re: IBM Music Feature Card/Yamaha FB-01

Scali wrote: Thing is, if we build a delta-set of SysEx commands based on dumps, we would not be distributing any data from Yamaha directly. It's data that we have created ourselves, so I don't think there would be any legal problem distributing it. Wouldn't that count as a "derivative work"? JAL

Re: Guide to the DOSBox debugger

in DOSBox Guides
It seems this guide is a bit out of date (not surprising after almost 12 years :)). Is there a more recent guide somewhere? EDIT: Just found the debugger topic in the developers section. Here's 0.74 help: Debugger commands (enter all values in hex or as register): …

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