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Re: new old computer

Sounds like a nice system, what OS are you going to run? What about your ram? I also put my PIII 1ghz 512 80gb DVD Geforce 3 build in a brand new case worked out well. Best of luck and look forward to seeing pics. I have been working in a new old computer. 1. Asus p3b-f with p3/450 katmai processor …

486 DX 2 66 What OS

I have always been confused about what class CPU should match up with the correct version of windows. On my Gateway 2000 486DX2 66Mhz, 16mb ram, 700MB HD. I installed Windows 95. Is that the correct OS or should I have gone with Windows 3.11 and true DOS? My thought is 95 is to much for a 486 and …

Re: Advice on Specs

Thanks for everyone input, I deiced to put away the 233PII and go with the 433 Celeron. Mainly because of "Midtown Madness 2" 266Mhz system requirements. This 433 Celeron sits inside a Gateway 433C or GP6-433c. That system has an ATI Rage PRO 128 on board (integrated). It also has 192 RAM and 9GB …

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