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Re: IBM PS/1 Change FSB

You can't change the FSB with a jumper, you have to replace the oscillator for that purpose BUT the chipet is specified for max. 33MHz. In reality, you don't want to change the FSB for the 133MHz AMD CPU, because it already runs at 33MHz! The problem is that the board runs at the CPU's default …

Re: PCPbench syntax help

in Milliways
Mode 100 requires a VESA 1.x compliant VGA-BIOS. Run the program with the switch "/modes" to display the modes your graphics card can display. Or just load a VESA (UNIVBE and such) compliant TSR and run again. You can throw this readme into any online translator (it's in German): ftp://ftp.zedz.net/ …

Re: 386n hard drive

The 386N has an IDE onboard controller and the hard drive is also IDE. You just need a normal IDE cable, a soldering iron and a an edge connector for 45 cents like this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/140888512935 . There are also edge connectors for crimp mount, but I'm to lazy to do a search.

Re: Do pentium pros need both 32 bit o/s and app for optimal performance, or just 32 bit app?

A PPro isn't bad for DOS games at all. This myth has to be busted, I think. For old 16-Bit code it is on par with a standard Pentium. But as soon a 32-Bit code (many games since 1993-94) or FPU demaning stuff comes into play, the PPro really flies away. This is true, though if you were into CPUs at …

Re: Do pentium pros need both 32 bit o/s and app for optimal performance, or just 32 bit app?

He fears his P1 is going to be dead soon. A PPro is great for gaming. The PPro will be much faster for later DOS games than the P133. IMO the ideal configuration is a dualboot with W9x and NT4 SP6. Gaming on NT4 is quite possible, despite the DX-limitation. OpenGL titles really fly, some would be …

Re: AWE32 CT2760 differences

in Marvin \ Sound
NJRoadfan wrote: Bottom card is the CT2760 Rev. 3, its full PnP. Nope, the bottom card is the very 1st revision of the CT2760 and btw. all CT2760 cards are non-PnP. The PnP versions of the AWE32 series include both CT3980 and CT3990.

Re: Voodoo Rush compatibliity

in Marvin \ Video
I'd recommend to boot into DOS and start the Tomb Raider 3Dfx demo. if the game starts after the splash screen, the card itself is OK. Please note the Tomb Raider 3Dfx Demo doesn't have bilinear filtering with the Rush (can be patched in the full version of the game. Hint: The demo can be found if …

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