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Re: DOSBox Compilation Guides

MSYS2/mingw-w64 dropped Windows XP support, not just the toolchain environment but including native binaries produced by the GNU GCC compilers. The main culprit is winpthread library. The upstream targeted Window 7 APIs as minumum requirement. https://github.com/msys2/MINGW-packages/issues/5139# …

Re: Documenting WIN32 API incompatibilities Win9X/ME -> Win2K/XP

in Windows
True, but the function was always declared as BOOL BitBlt (...) in the SDK. In Windows NT 4.0, it also returns either 1 or 0. You are right. The SDK has never said a programmer can depend on the BitBlt() returned value to decide how many lines was blt'ed. Perhaps, some genius game hackers turned …

Documenting WIN32 API incompatibilities Win9X/ME -> Win2K/XP

in Windows
No sure if anyone has ever done this or there are available resources online that were archived. It seems to me that Microsoft has never shown any interests to make such information public so that 3rd-parties can provide solution to bridge compatibility issues without resorting to emulation, but I …

NetMech/3Dfx & Titanium MercsNet on QEMU with ipxemu

in PC Emulation
Since I am now fully committed to playing all 3 installments of Mechwarriors 2 series with 3D acceleration on QEMU, I also did some research on how to get into the multiplayer games. QEMU already delivered robust networking backends and frontend emulation of various models Ethernet adapters. For …

Re: Pandemonium! from GOG.com

in Windows
Windows 98 does not officially support DirectX9. You can either play the game on WinXP~Win7 or replace the nGlide with dgVoodoo1 that supports DirectX7 backend on Win98. Since this is a GoG release, then it should able to run on modern Windows.

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