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Re: GUS ACE 1.0 reverse stereo fix

Predator99 wrote on 2022-01-04, 22:29: Yes interesting...this a fake, right? You ruined the card to avoid to modify 2 50 cent cables..? Hope nobody else will do this. What do you say to people with Voodoo5 6000s who had them reworked to fix the stability issues? ...

Re: Updating firmware on an Extron RGB-HDMI 300 A

Serial is the way to do it, either via the TRS cable above, or via the other serial connection on the back of the device; the manual contains pinouts. I made my own cable. You don't need an old computer; a USB to serial adapter works wonders, so it's just a matter of sourcing the software (which …

Re: Which mac models had voodoo 5 5500 pci?

And Apple users should have been, too. I mean, Rage 128 in a video editing "supercomputer?" C'mon! :P You need to remember that back then, the graphics card wasn't used for any kind of video editing prowess. As long as a card could display content quickly, that was all that mattered. For basic DV …

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