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Re: Enabling D3D9On12 for DirectX 1-9

Microsoft have introduced a change to the 9on12 code that should resolve performance issues going forward, they were storing certain buffers in system memory instead of VRAM. https://github.com/microsoft/D3D9On12/commit/ … c76d3b132685e24

Re: NFS Undercover - patch 1.0.18 freezes the game

I have figured it out. The issue was indeed the number of cores. I used Special K tool to spoof the number of cores - now the game thinks there's only 2 and runs like a charm! Case closed! i'm guessing you found a no-cd crack for this, the legitimate protected exe will abort on trying to start with …

Re: Enabling D3D9On12 for DirectX 1-9

OP is in no way responsible for the graphical capabilities of D3D9On12 . His library is just a hundred lines of code to force that. I guess an advantage is that it's all open source? Somewhat like dxup , except this is actually still getting developed. I cannot vouch for features then, but at least …

Re: dgVoodoo Splinter Cell Games

GeForce Ti 750 does *NOT* support FL12, but UHD 750 (the one attached to the monitor) does :p 750ti is maxwell and does support FL12 No D3D12 FL11 -> https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/geforce-gtx-750-ti.c2548 D3D12 is NOT FL12. You can have a D3D12 GPU (driver) only supporting FL11. the 750ti …

Re: Starlancer

Single core affinity causes temporary hangs with dgvoodoo in recent nvidia drivers (driver is trying to openadapter on multiple cores)

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