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Re: 2GB RAM - go X86 or x64?

in Milliways
36-bits PAE, is there any Graphic Cards+Drivers that utilizes it? I'm under impression that graphic cards with 4GB+ Vram requires the x64 OS (can't be used on x86 PAE-capable OS).

Re: Which programming language?

in Milliways
It had a very efficient system for compiling and linking directly from the editor. This made the turnaround from editing, compiling, running in debugger much faster. These days we are accustomed to just being able to press the 'run in debugger'-button, and expect our program to start in a few …

Re: Split Screen and co-op Games

in Windows
i remember having fun playing multiplayer Bomberman (clone?) for PC, better played with multiple gamepads. The game features more modern power-ups such as kick & power gloves.

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