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Re: Voodoo2:SLI cable - maximum length?

Sphere478 wrote on 2022-12-29, 18:48: How long do you need it? How many slot spaces? About 20 cm... The cards are not installed in a standard motherboard, there's a pci "riser" and I have pci slots on both sides and I want to use both sides. That way I can see a side for each V2 card.

Voodoo2:SLI cable - maximum length?

What is the maximum length of a SLI cable for a pair of Voodoo2 cards? I don't think there's an official answer, since (I think) all cards came with the same cable. Has anyone tried a custom cable that's longer than the standard cable? Any issues?

Re: Your opinion on the ATi Rage IIC and Rage Pro

I had an ATI Rage Pro Turbo as my first 3D accelerator. It was on a PII-300 with 64 MB of RAM in 1998, and it was simultaneously a revelation and a source of pain. The 2D quality was spectacular, and a lot of 3D games looked... well, good enough. But it never could do alpha blending properly, no …

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