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Re: Audigy 2 zs problem on windows 98se

I've only got the Live! value CT4830 and maybe if I carefully listened to both side by side possibly I'd notice a difference if concentrated while listing to music. but playing games where your busy trying not to die and not listing for imperfections I wouldn't know which is which. I'll admit I use …

Re: HD7990 in WinXP?

No change I'm afraid, tried both with clean install of windows but still get "This device cannot start code 10" Thanks for your help Solplay but I'm giving up for now and keep it just as a Win7 box. If anyone ever does successfully get it working then please do tell me how though! This is the PC in …

Re: poor advice on fixing things!

in Milliways
I'd like to add the support/documentation sections of the hardware manufactures themselves. More and more site are adding generic filler guides like "solving network issues" which links to an article with basic Windows 10 troubleshooting steps even though the hardware itself doesn't support Windows …

Re: Frys electronics is Closing.

in Milliways
My main concern with physical shops closing down is when I'm sent to a site, often couple hours away and find out I quickly need to buy a cable or adapter or other low value item. It's getting harder and harder to do this. Problem is shops cant survive on these kind of sales alone and I buy just …

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