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Re: phases of vintage computer interest

in Milliways
I've definitely got too many machines. I've only got 4 in regular use for dos, 9x, XP and modern gaming. yet I've another 2 dos, 3 Win9x, 2 XP builds not to mention my retro servers and most these PC's dual boot. but I remember before having "backup" machines when I'd want to play Need for Speed and …

Re: Finally doing it.

Looks to be a well thought out build. Even 1GB is enough to confuse windows setup but sounds like your already aware of this and the work arounds. Persaonnly I'd of gone with a SATA drive. Pretty sure BIOS has the option to set SATA to compatibility mode basically turning it into an IDE drive as far …

Re: phases of vintage computer interest

in Milliways
Overall I break it down to only 2 phases. Software - In the mood to mess around with an old OS or play a certain game. Hardware - upgrading or building a new PC. Most my retro PC's are permanently setup so when I'm in the "software" phase and feel like a game of Doom I can simply turn on the 486, If …

Re: DOS/Windows 3.11 (WFW) CDROM Sound Issues

in DOS
Windows requires sound drivers of it's own. When using the original SB16 drivers it has a check box to install windows and dos drivers. I haven't used Unisound so not sure if this is an option or if it's even supported? Alternatively you can use a dos cd player in windows as this will fall back onto …

Re: reliable floppy

Don't think I've ever had a Mitsumi drive die on me. The one in my very first PC back in '95 is still going strong and that got some heavy use with disks taken to school and back in my far from clean school bag. Sony also seemed to be good quality. These days I'd say good disks are harder to find …

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