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Best and most compact compiler to build Freedos Kernel etc.

in Milliways
It gives you options: :- Turbo C 2.01 :- set COMPILER=TC2 :- Turbo C++ 1.01 :- set COMPILER=TURBOCPP :- Turbo C 3.0 :- set COMPILER=TC3 :- Borland C 3.1 set COMPILER=BC3 :- Borland C :- set COMPILER=BC5 :- Microsoft C :- set COMPILER=MSCL8 :- Watcom C :- set COMPILER=WATCOM Maybe someone have had …

Re: what will you do when your last hardware fails?

in Milliways
In reality, all my 486 to P3 motherboards will die in about 20-50 years from now, maybe even later. I really doubt that newer 2D VGA cards and newer SB PRO clones win never die. Maybe i am wrong. I think I have replaced some of that with modern replicas. Because I sincerely think so, that in 10 …

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