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Re: Great soundcard audio!

in Milliways
Well yes, I even play original MT-32 and different versions of Monkey Island 1 title music in my car, also DooM music, one Half-Life theme and few rearranged NES/Famicom titles Power Blade, Contra, Ironsword, Batman and few more. Well I am that crazy person that even plays chiptunes in my card... …

Re: Hot EMU8000

well these little faulty/little hot chips may be ok for years to come, and they may die tomorrow. I have first had experience. even chips that should be cool as a cucumber.

Re: Did you create maps for games?

in Milliways
Lots of maps for Wolfenstein 3D. Even some TC-s. Some maps for Warcraft 2. Tried some mapping with DooM, but in my times, the tools were not very intuitive or realtime, and it was a chore, so I quit. Now i have made some Duke Nukem 1 maps, just for fun. That's about it, if Quake and Unreal came …

Re: Any others given up on the hobby?

in Milliways
I am a DOS nut, so need to have many 486-P3 ISA based machines in storage. And multitude of S3 and Cirrus and Nvidia based video cards. And many sound cards. Just need. but well if someone will buy my Voodoos and Gravises for good money ... I have no real objection for that 😁

Re: Video Card prices

Well if you ban it globally. You have no way to convert it to normal currency of your country, and it will stay a means to only make illegal transactions for illegal goods or activities. Yeah cocaine is nice and expensive (not in South-America), but you can not go to any store and buy bread with it …

Re: What made you join VOGONS?

in Milliways
I just googled stuff and information for my hobby, not Very Old Games On Newer Systems, but computers that can run DOS with compatible sound. Dos games, old programs. Old operating systems. And many times the answer was in VOGONS, so one day I just registered. Maybe I needed to download something …

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