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Re: ESFM details

ESFM was late to the game, so no real support, everybody was moving to full digital(software based MOD) and CD audio, so all those Roland and Gravis stuff was getting obsolete after like 95. Lets be honest even the OPL3 was under utilized by game industry, it was mainly used as a stereo OPL2. Hey …

Re: Retro confessions. What are yours?

in Milliways
In our language we butchered Descent even more, Des-kent :D I also have so mutch stuff, like 10 computers from 486 to P3 and loose stuff for another 15 computers. I think i have a problem, and have to sell some of my computers. Maybe purge all my 486, because they are worth some real money, and …

Re: ESFM details

I have also tested it with Warcraft 2 and with many ESS Audiodrives all the way to 1869. And there are like some sounds missing, or the implementation is broken. PS. My favourite meat and potatoes sound card.

Re: What old software do you still use daily ?

in Milliways
Well yes Winamp (there is no better music player, period) and Media Player Classic (have not get into VLC) will be in my main workhorse computers forever. But every retrocomputer has Volkov Commander as the file manager and launcher. Usually all retrocomputers get a copy of Windows 3.11 FWG. Because …

Re: How to modyfy SOYO SY-4SAW2 to take Lithium Cell, instead of Nickel rechargeable. Bios upgrading.

Lithium cells are more voltage stabile and the end dropout is fast. I used a CR2032 cell. And they last few years, but I only use used scavanged cells from more modern motherboards. In my line of work i sometimes have access to loads of scrapped P4 motherboards and other stuff. I have always …

Re: When did you purchase your first 386 / 486 Computer? Availability vs the early 90's affordability norm.

In 1996 a decent 486 was still an expensive thing in Estonia. They imported them used from Scandinavia and Finland. I bought mine a 486SX33 16MB RAM 250MB HDD 14" VGA monitor. And that was it for like 800EUR in todays money, or even more. And a half year later a Sound Blaster 16 plus IDE 8X CD-ROM …

I am fed up with advertisment of mobile games!

in Milliways
Remember the 1983 console crash. Millions of same looking sh_t games on your Atari. I really hope that a more serious crash comes some times soon. The total crash of handheld gaming on Android/IOS or whatever. Just the advertisments drive me nuts. I really want to physically burn that goldfish, pour …

Re: A new mTCP is available! (version 2020-01-01)

in Milliways
FTP and HTGET are nice, but they can not get to modern links or servers, today everything is using SSL/TLS. Or maybe someone would sugest a free (semifree with limited space, we do not need mutch for our retrocomputing needs) FTP hosting service that can be accessed with IPv4 and plain FTP.

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