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Re: Ultra retro, not so retro Frankenstein's monster.

in Milliways
Well my main problem is space, and it is just a nice hobby, to cram retro comuters in small cases. I have use a VCR case, DVD player case, few small UPS cases, uATX case. 486 cpus are X locked in my opinion. So you can not change from DX2 to DX4, but FSB easily changeable and somehow the FSB speed …

Re: Just had to share. Windows 10 on flopies.

in Milliways
This is nothing, what if last floppy is corrupt. In the old days i had one of last floppy corrupt in a Windows 95 floppy installation. Seriously, I'm wondering what's the record diskette count for a single software product? My candidate is Microsoft Office 97, with 46 diskettes. Just imagine this: …

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